who we are

Who is the Cairo Times 24 team

We are a youth group that is most interested in the latest news in fashionable clothes and new fashions suitable for men and women of all ages
We are interested in tourism and travel and the most beautiful places that we recommend for our visitors to visit and all the information available about these places
We care about home decor, how to create a wonderful look in your home, and how to arrange your house well
We are interested in the kitchen and what is related to delicious new food and drinks, and these sections are asked by girls to be presented to our visitors in the best way.
We are so far a team of four people so far and we are looking for a bigger team to meet the desires of our visitors. We are now: -


1- The Admin, who is I am an Egyptian young man working in the Internet field from about 2010 and is very interested in all of the above, especially creating sites through Blogger (I do not understand the frankness of the press) and my hobbies are taking care of these sites all the time

Mina Masouf

2- Mina Mansouf: a truly creative Moroccan writer interested in all fields of women, fashion, decoration and tourism issues, to contact her from here.


3- Salma: Professor in research on fashion and decoration issues, and she is very interested in the kitchen


4- Aya: The same thing is very specialized and participative in research, reading and interest in all the aforementioned and very understanding in coordinating the colors of clothes and fashions and is interested in girls 'and boys' accessories and other things in this field

To contact us, please do not hesitate and go to the following page:

Thank you for being with us