Drugs and prostitution .. 10 information about Angie Khoury after her arrest

Drugs and prostitution .. 10 information about Angie Khoury after her arrest

A great case of controversy arose in the past hours, after news reports issued by Lebanese newspapers revealed the details of the arrest of the Syrian artist, Engi Khoury, and her arrest by the Syrian Criminal Security in the vicinity of the Syrian Mazzeh region, after the lawsuit filed against her by the Lebanese artist Shiraz.

Drugs and prostitution .. 10 information about Angie Khoury after her arrest

In the following report, "Echo of the Country" monitors the most prominent information about Syrian Inge Khoury.

Her full name is Najwa Khaliq Allah Ibrahim Khalil, and she was born in Aleppo, Syria, on October 12, 1997.

- In February 2020, the Lebanese Police of Morals arrested her after entering the Lebanese border surreptitiously, and broke the ruling against her to cancel her residency in Lebanon due to the spread of her scandalous videos.

- She sparked controversy several times because of the outrageous videos she broadcast on social media, which prompted the Lebanese authorities to deport her out of Lebanon and prevent her residency.

- She appeared in many pictures and videos, almost naked, and some called her "Lebanese Sama Al-Masry."

- She tried to enter the artistic field through a Lebanese clip, with the artist Adam, then social networking sites took a means to attract attention to her.

- She admitted her relationship with the Lebanese activist Rabih Al-Zein, as the relationship lasted 4 years, and indicated that she had written a book, and they were about to get married.

- She insulted Umm Kulthum when she appeared in semi-naked clothes and commented on her, "Who do you love more at night, me or Umm Kulthum?"

I participated in the Lebanese demonstrations that erupted in October 2019, and was subjected to sexual harassment from Lebanese demonstrators on the street.

- She has a hostile relationship with the Lebanese singer Amar, with whom she repented after her arrest, due to the first relationship with the singer Adam - Divorcee Qamar - who accused him of assaulting her with beating and kidnapping.

- The Literature and Drug Control Bureau in Lebanon accused her and the Lebanese Qamar of practicing prostitution and drug use.

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