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When a pregnant woman cries, what happens to the baby ?!

When a pregnant woman cries, what happens to the baby ?!

According to a study conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Zurich, the metabolism of the fetus is affected by the sadness of its mother, as the grief of a pregnant woman leads to rapid hormonal changes that directly affect her fetus.

When a pregnant woman cries, what happens to the baby ?!

Pregnant woman’s grief leads to an increase in cortisone, a stress hormone for women, which affects the metabolism of the fetus.

For this reason, I found a rule that the psychological state of a pregnant woman may negatively or positively affect her fetus during pregnancy. It is normal for a pregnant woman to have a feeling of sadness or pain, but the percentage of this feeling is the one that can be relied upon in its effect on the fetus and its development.

The fetus is affected by the mental and psychological health of its mother, according to what has been decided by a group of researchers in this regard, according to the French website Santé.

The researchers proved that the placenta is affected by the psychological and mental state of the pregnant woman, and then the fetus is affected inside the womb, during pregnancy, the mother may suffer from anxiety or depression, and this is called prenatal depression, and to reduce this risk, it is important to eat a good diet and be active. Physical regularly.

Many people mistakenly believe that a woman expecting a baby should necessarily feel joy all the time, although this preconceived notion reinforces guilt in women who suffer from prenatal depression, so it is important to solve this dilemma that can be born in some cases. Increase the percentage of depression in the expectant mother.

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