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The story of the dispute between Hatshepsut and Thutmose III .. Video

The story of the dispute between Hatshepsut and Thutmose III .. Video

Wassim Al-Sisi, an Egyptologist, said that King Nefertari, the wife of King Ahmose, was very brilliant and great, adding that she was riding the chariot next to Ahmose and pointing spears towards the enemies.

Waseem Al-Sisi continued during the program "From Egypt" broadcast on the "CBC" channel, that the world is dazzled by the idea of ​​Queen Nefertari's hair .. The wig was widespread in their time, it could be a wig and not her hair, and God knows best. "

The Egyptologist explained that Queen Hatshepsut was a great and very strong lady, but it is taken for her that she raped the king, as the king at that time should have belonged to Thutmose III, but he was young, so she ruled the country for about 20 years, followed by Thutmose III after Get a little older.

Al-Sisi continued, that Hatshepsut was a righteous and ambitious queen, as she worked to fix what was corrupted by the Hyksos, noting that there are 4 queens honored today, meaning they were transported as mummies to the Museum of Civilization, and they belong to one family, and there is also a queen from the first family, and this confirms that the lady It was head to head with the man. "

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