How to become smart within weeks .. Important habits that you must follow

How to become smart within weeks .. Important habits that you must follow

Some believe that intelligence is an innate faculty that is born with a person. Either you are lucky and are born a genius, or you are miserable and you find yourself with a low IQ.

How to become smart within weeks .. Important habits that you must follow

But studies have proven the opposite. Our daily life is what affects our minds mainly, and this effect will either develop our mental capabilities or transform us into mere machines with an intelligence equal to zero.

In this article, we will review a set of habits that if you follow them will make you smarter within weeks:

1. Read.

Thanks to smartphones, we are literally able to read everything written by the human hand, so don't waste your time browsing the Facebook homepage and viewing pictures of people who don't even know you or watching cat videos on YouTube.

Instead, visit a site and search for a good book and then read it, do it over and over again, read about topics you do not care about much, read opinions that disagree with you, read and at some point you will find that your perception has really expanded, and that your mental skills have developed.

2. Type.

Just like reading, writing expands your dictionary, develops your grammar, increases your ability to form sentences in new and better ways, and helps the mind better store information.

3. Share what you've learned.

Learning is important, but sharing adds meaning to what you have learned, and since you love getting ready-made information from the Internet, why don't you also share what you know.

Use your Facebook account to post a story you like, or to share information that increases something to its readers, or useful pictures that please beholders, and you will gradually end up forming strong connections between your brain cells, which will contribute to the development of your intelligence.

4. Be wise about what you eat.

The teacher has always told us to rest and eat well before the exam, because he wants us to have the utmost focus and continue to work for the longest time without stopping.

5. Aerobic exercise.

Exercise is good for our minds, we all know this, but most of the studies that prove this have focused on specific exercises, such as running, and the new walk here is that even resistance training and some types of weight lifting may help you keep your mind youthful.

Doing this type of exercise pushes the heart to increase the throughput of blood flow to the brain as well as stimulates the body to produce hormones. All these results help to create a suitable environment for the growth of brain cells, and to create connections between them.

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