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Ben Affleck flirts with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez ... know what he said?

Ben Affleck flirts with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez ... know what he said?

Global superstar Ben Affleck flirts with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, as Affleck and Lopez were in a relationship, and in 2002 they got engaged but their wedding was postponed in September 2003 one day before the ceremony and they separated in 2004.


Ben Affleck flirts with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez ... know what he said?

"Lopez, the most hardworking person I've ever met, still has great talent, works hard for her success, and I'm so happy for her that she got the recognition she deserves," Ben said in his interview with InStyle, an interview with Just Gerd.


It is noteworthy that during the past weeks, rumors spread about the return of the duo Ben Affleck and De Armas without any prior repercussions, which raised many doubts about them, after "Anna de Armas" published a picture of her wearing a chain in the form of a half-heart that she had previously wore while walking With Ben Affleck.


However, the Cuban actress, hours after the photo was published on her account on the "Instagram" site, settled the rumors about her return to her ex-boyfriend, and published another picture filled with the word "no" in reference to her total rejection of all reports that confirmed her intention to return again in a relationship with Ben Affleck. .


The international actor Ben Affleck surprised his fans by appearing in a new "Look" while accompanying his son Sam on a picnic, in which he was keen to walk with him and get a truce from his works that he is currently photographing.


The new look of the star Ben Affleck was represented in his appearance for the first time in years completely without a chin, which was explained by the British "Daily Mail" site, that he was due to the possibility of his being associated with a certain role during one of his current works in this way, which forced him to give up his chin, which he had always gotten used to. The last period.

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