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Samsung shocked its fans with this decision

Samsung shocked its fans with this decision

At its annual shareholder meeting in Suwon, South Korea, the South Korean company, Samsung, surprised fans of its big phones with an unexpected decision.

Samsung shocked its fans with this decision

Samsung has taken a decision to postpone the launch of any new versions of its "Galaxy Note" phone during the current year 2021. To produce a new version of the "Galaxy Note" phones in 2022 next year.

Samsung reversed its decision due to poor sales and the lack of production of "smart chips", which hinders the production of its new phone.

This step will affect the company's smartphone shipments by about 5%, and will cause a significant imbalance in revenues, given that it is one of the most expensive and best-selling Galaxy phones.

CEO of the company, Dj Koh, said that the world is currently facing a serious imbalance in building smart chips and semiconductors, due to the pandemic of the emerging corona virus that causes "Covid 19" disease.

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