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Prince Harry gives advice to children in a new book

Prince Harry gives advice to children in a new book

British Prince Harry has written the introduction to a new book to support the children of health workers who have died from the Coronavirus pandemic, in which he shares the pain he suffered as a boy after the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry gives advice to children in a new book

Harry said losing his mother at the age of 12 left a "big hole in me," according to excerpts from the book published in The Times of London.

"Hospital by the Hill" by Chris Connaughton tells the story of a young man whose mother worked in a hospital and died during an epidemic. It will be awarded to children who have suffered similar losses.

Harry wrote in the introduction, "While I wish I could hug you now, I hope this story can give you comfort in knowing you are not alone. When I was a little kid I lost my mom. At that time I didn't want to believe it or accept it, and let go." "That is a big gap inside me. I realize how you feel, and I want to assure you that over time this gap will be filled with a lot of love and support."

Harry has spoken on several occasions about the pain he suffered following the sudden death of his mother, so caring for mental and psychological health was an essential part of his charitable work.

Harry wrote: “We all deal with loss in different ways, but when a parent goes to Heaven, I am told that their spirit, love, and memories do not. They always haunt us, and you can hold on to it forever. I think that is true.”

Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris in August 1997.

Source: "The Associated Press"

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