Manga art: the complex embodiment of the world around us.

Manga art: the complex embodiment of the world around us.

Their wide eyes dazzles us, their strange costumes, and many times their idiotic expressions make us laugh. Who are we talking about? We talk about cartoon characters that we loved since we were young ... Detective Conan ... Sandy ... Captain Majid, and others who influenced our childhood, and today we will learn something about the origin and origin of this type of cartoons.

Manga art: the complex embodiment of the world around us.

Manga is a Japanese word meaning "comics" or "comics" in English, and it refers to comics whose characters are drawn by Japanese artists or are all comic stories produced in Japan. The origins of this art go back to ancient times, but it appeared in its current form at the end of the war. Second World.

The art of manga is an important part of contemporary Japanese culture, and the books published in this field are admired by all ages there. The authors and illustrators of these books also enjoy the respect of the Japanese cultural community, as do the great writers in the West. These stories discuss various topics such as adventure, fantasy, sports, romance, science fiction, and even horror, in a diversity that satisfies all tastes and with a trade that amounts to 481 billion yen annually from the total volume of publication in Japan.

Manga has many faces.

Unlike the physical makeup of the Japanese, the characters drawn by manga artists are distinguished by everything that the Japanese do not have.. wide, bright eyes ... brilliant length (especially for men and boys) and their indescribably small lips compared to the rest of the face in addition to strange hair colors, as well as the pattern Clothes that move away in style and shape from the style of traditional Japanese clothing, except that their expressions in situations of sadness, mockery or even laughter are funny expressions that do not have the original character in anything, and it is what distinguishes these characters from any other cartoon character in the world, and these manga stories are read From right to left according to a specific system that differs from Western comics, as most stories are printed in black and white, and it is rare that they are issued in color.

There are many types of manga stories that are released periodically in Japan, the most important of which is "Shônen" or manga whose protagonist is a boy or a boy, which often contains action and joke events, and "Shôjo" or manga whose heroine is a girl and is full of romantic events. As well as the "Seinen" for the female heroes and the "Josei" for the male heroes, as there are many stories in which the hero is a child and are called "Kodomo". Manga of all kinds provides creamy food for fans of this type of art.

From manga to anime

When a manga-drawn novel is transformed into TV episodes or movies on the screen, meaning “animation” is made for it, in this case it transforms into another type of art called “anime.” In Japan, when a series of manga series meets success between Readers it is instantly diverted to TV episodes.

“Tezuka Osamu” is considered one of the most famous manga composers in Japan, one of his works “Kimba and the White Lion,” which he believes was borrowed by the Walt Disney Company in its movie “The Lion King”, and among the most prominent flags of this art at the present time is Ichiro Oda (One Piece) ), Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), Inoue Takehiko (Slam Dunk), Fuji-or Akatsuka, Hirosi Hirata, and Gooseki Kojica and others.

From Japan to the world

As mentioned above, Japanese art is responsible for creating manga in its various types, but countries like Japan also have this type of art such as Korea and China, and manga has gained great popularity in the United States of America, especially among young people and adolescents. People watch it on the cinema and television screen, but its characters have become so famous that major game companies have made many games based on a particular series, and many of them have been translated into different world languages ​​in the form of anime episodes as we see in our Arab world where children have become associated with specific names such as : “Dragon Ball” and “Beda Man” and others. Manga art affected a number of American artists, such as: “Edmacjoin” and “Brian Wood” as well as “Frank Miller”, where this type of American manga-influenced cartoons is called “Amerimanga.” The trade in this type of art in America alone amounted to about 175-200 million dollars in 2006. In France, there is a type of cartoons influenced by the art of manga and it is called la nouvelle manga.

Japanese series dubbed into Arabic in the eighties, such as Grandizer and Lady Oscar, contributed to laying the foundation stone for the popularity of this kind of art in contemporary Arab society, but its popularity in the Arab world remained limited in front of the popularity of anime due to the difficulty in obtaining manga and its scarcity in the Arab world, especially since it was It is mostly imported in French and in limited quantities. But with the spread of the Internet, the popularity of manga began to increase, and the easiest source of manga became the translated pages that are widely available on the Internet.

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