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A girl reveals how to earn money from YouTube .. Details

A girl reveals how to earn money from YouTube .. Details

A university student revealed how she made money through the famous YouTube site, despite her small number of subscribers, which amounted to 6800 =, where her monthly earnings amounted to about 100-200 dollars.

According to the "Business Insider" website, Megan Pruitt has been taken from her University of Oklahoma dorm room to shoot the videos, since her channel launched in 2018.

Megan achieved massive views across several videos, and after entering the YouTube Partner Program in 2019, she was reaping profits from her videos.

For your information, the college girl is still receiving small profits, as in 2020 she collected about 1920 dollars, after achieving 744 thousand views.

This came as a result of Pruitt's successful strategy, which we review in the following steps:

1- Upload at least one video clip per week.

2- Fixing a date to download the video that everyone is waiting for.

3- Search words that make it appear on YouTube completely.

4- Choose her topics carefully, to be useful to her colleagues.

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