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Russia resumes flights with Greece and Singapore

Russia resumes flights with Greece and Singapore

Media said that from Monday, Russia will resume flights with Greece and Singapore. This came after the suspension of civilian flights as part of measures to combat the emerging Corona virus.

Russia resumes flights with Greece and Singapore

According to "Novosti", two flights per week will be allowed to run on the Moscow-Athens line. And three flights a week on the Moscow - Singapore line.

Despite specifying the number of permitted flights. However, Russian airlines have not yet announced their plans to resume flights on these routes.

Russia has suspended, and since March 27 last year, regular civil aviation and "charter" flights due to the Corona virus crisis. Exceptionally, it was allowed to carry out return trips of Russian citizens to Russia, cargo, mail, ambulance and humanitarian trips.

Russia began, starting last August, to resume civil aviation flights in a limited and gradual manner. As flights were resumed with Turkey, Tanzania, Switzerland, Egypt, the Emirates, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Serbia. South Korea, Japan, Ethiopia, Finland, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Cuba, Seychelles and the Maldives.

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