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Ramy Gamal – Mabtkbareesh (Official Lyrics Video) رامي جمال - مبتكبريش

 Ramy Gamal – Mabtkbareesh (Official Lyrics Video) رامي جمال - مبتكبريش

Lyrics by: Ahmed El Malky
Composed by: Sahm
Arranged by: Nader Hamdy 
Mixing and Mastering by: Nader Hamdy 
Strings: Maestro Hany Farahat
Guitar: Sherif Fahmy

The artist, Ramy Gamal, released the second songs of his album, entitled “Ma Btakbrish,” written by the poet Ahmed Al-Maliki, composed by Sahem, and distributed by Nader Hamdy.

Ramy Gamal released the first song from the new album entitled “Welsa” written by the poet Jamal Al-Khouly, and distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, and it achieved great success with more than 6 million views on YouTube.
Ramy Gamal’s album, entitled “Welsa”, will be released sequentially during 2021, and includes 10 songs, produced by “Nojoom Records,” in which he collaborated with a group of poets, composers and distributors, in addition to presenting several melodies in his album.
Ramy Gamal previously presented 4 albums with "Nujoom Records": "Malnash Only Some", "Not Easy Period", "Layalina", and "I Am On My Own".

It is noteworthy that Ramy Gamal's latest work was the album "I Am On My Own", which was a great success, reaching 100 million views on the site of "YouTube", in addition to its top sales at the time of its launch.

And through it, he collaborated with the poets: Tamer Hussein, Muhammad Atef, Jamal Al-Khouly, Ahmed Al-Maliki, Shady Nour, Ahmed Irfan, Ruqaya Abdulaziz, Mustafa Hassan, and Muhammad Abu Nimah. The musician was for each of: Touma, Nader Hamdi, Sherif Mekkawi, Ahmed Ibrahim, Ahmed Al Maghribi, Wissam Abdel Moneim, Karim Abdel Wahab, and Ramy Gamal participated in the album as a composer, where he presented nearly 9 songs.
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