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The moment Trump leaves the White House for the last time

The moment Trump leaves the White House for the last time

Donald Trump left the White House at the end of his four-year term, for the last time heading to Florida, where Joe Biden prepares for the inauguration ceremony to replace him as President of the United States.

The moment Trump leaves the White House for the last time

The outgoing US President, who left behind a legacy of chaos, turmoil and a divided nation, said in his last words before leaving the White House for the last time that he had spent 4 remarkable years accomplishing so much.

Trump expressed his wishes that the White House's farewell would not be long.

Trump stressed that he has no plans to attend the ceremony, which will be secured by at least 25,000 National Guard troops in Washington, DC after violent riots at Capitol Hill earlier this month.

All documents related to Trump were transferred from the White House after preparing the presidential helicopter and landing in the South Lawn, which takes him to Andrews Base and then to Florida, due to the end of his term of inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States No. 46.

Pentagon sources revealed to "Sky News Arabia", that the US Defense Department had rejected Trump's request to hold a large military parade to bid him farewell today, and decided to settle for a modest ceremony due to the security situation and the Corona epidemic.

Outgoing President Donald Trump will fly to Florida as his term ends with the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

Today, Wednesday, US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will take the constitutional oath to assume their duties, as the oath ceremony begins at 12 noon local time in front of the Congress building, in the presence of a number of officials and public figures, and in the absence of the masses due to the precautionary measures to limit the spread Corona Virus.

The presidential inauguration committee announced the schedule of the inauguration ceremony, as Biden is scheduled to attend a mass three hours before the inauguration at St. Matthew's Cathedral in the presence of members of the House and Senate.

Biden will be sworn in to officially become the 46th president at twelve in the afternoon.

Trump will be the first president in recent history to miss the inauguration of his successor, having spent the entire period from the appearance of the presidential election results until a few days ago contesting the validity of its results and questioning its integrity.

Trump is scheduled to leave the White House this morning for Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where he will hold a farewell party.

The events of the January 6 congressional attack during the election certification session still cast a shadow and add a new weirdness to Biden’s inauguration ceremony, as Washington, DC closed and raised concrete, iron and barbed wire insulation in its streets, and tens of thousands of police and the FBI (FBI) were deployed. I) and other intelligence and secret police, backed by about 25,000 National Guard soldiers, in an attempt to prevent any attack similar to the attack led by extremist right-wing groups and the storming of Congress during the approval of Biden's election on January 6.

In full: Donald Trump leaves White House and makes speech saying 'we will be back'

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