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Honoring "Manar Jazouli", the Moroccan businesswoman, at the "Lady Fashion" festival, in its fifth edition

Honoring "Manar Jazouli", the Moroccan businesswoman, at the "Lady Fashion" festival, in its fifth edition

The Lady Fashion Festival, in its fifth year, honored Dr. Manar Jazzouli, the Moroccan businesswoman, on the sidelines of the selection of Miss Fashion in the Middle East.

Designers and models appeared during the International Festival, which was held in Cairo, in an attractive manner, which witnessed the presence of a large number of Arab artists.

Honoring "Manar Jazouli", the Moroccan businesswoman, at the "Lady Fashion" festival, in its fifth edition

The attendees described the designs that the contestants appeared during the Lady Fashion Festival with creativity and beauty, especially Dr. Manar Jazzouli, who was distinguished during the show by her high taste and this is what she confirmed during many of her attractive looks that mix between sophistication and simplicity at the same time to be the focus of attention of those concerned with fashion wherever it appears.

Manar Jazzouly emphasized that the festival has a special character as it includes beauty and fashion together, as well as the largest constellation of artists, community women, businessmen and those interested in the field of beauty and fashion, explaining that the festival sheds light on the pioneers of Moroccan fashion in the Arab world and the Middle East region to exchange experiences in all its forms Through the latest fashion and beauty offers.

The festival is also an ideal platform for those interested and busy in the field of beauty and fashion, noting that the general concept of the festival is that it provides a forum that helps participants display their abilities and talents. What contributes to opening a new market for them.

Dr. Manar Jazzouly indicated that the Arab world in general is affected by fashion in the West and even imitates it, and therefore we seek complete independence in finding the fashion line associated with the Arab world, saying: There must be a distinctive line for us, and artistic and showcasing performances are held on the sidelines of the festival and were honored. As the best designer in the Arab world at the festival.

She explained that women are keen to choose colors suitable for the fun winter season, and buy new ones to celebrate this season covered in clouds and the rain is a suitable sign for it, noting that the winter season has a special taste for everyone who follows fashion, and girls and women of all ages are keen to buy new in celebration of this The fun season away from the summer heat that requires no effort in choosing clothes and designs.

She indicated that women in winter are keen to walk in rainy times, wearing heavy clothes with colors and patterns, especially with Arab customs and traditions that are interested in elegant clothes and silk in designs that give them beautiful bright colors inlaid with crystals and Swarovski, which are characteristic of some Arab designs, as well as the use of Silk fabrics and lace, and there are designs with gold and silver embroideries in various colors to emphasize the element of contemporary and modernity in the colors.

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