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Chinese "Xiaomi" Brings a Surprise ... and Focus on "Flexibility"

Chinese "Xiaomi" Brings a Surprise ... and Focus on "Flexibility"

The field of foldable phones is witnessing a fierce competition between companies that strive to excel in this area, which is expected to capture a significant market share in the next few years.

Chinese "Xiaomi" Brings a Surprise ... and Focus on "Flexibility"

The Chinese "Xiaomi" seeks to reserve a foothold in the foldable phones market, as leaked pictures showed, the company worked on a phone of this category, similar to a "Samsung" phone of the "Fold" model.

According to the "GSM Arena" website, which specializes in technical news, the "Xiaomi" phone will adopt the "MIUI 12" interface, which includes many new features and improvements, including enhanced privacy and ease of data transfer.

The phone is also expected to provide an internal storage capacity of 256 GB, along with a "selfie" camera.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the "Xiaomi" device, reports spoke of the company's focus on the joint element, which is very important in this category of phones.

It is worth noting that technical experts had indicated last December that Xiaomi is working on a folding phone that the company will launch this year.

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