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Biden requests the resignation of Surgeon General Jerome Adams, the United States

Biden requests the resignation of the Surgeon General of the United States

President Joe Biden has requested the resignation of Surgeon General Jerome Adams, which led to the abrupt end of the term of the top doctor in the United States, and Biden looks forward to restarting the federal government's response to the Coronavirus pandemic with a more effective thanks to the administration of former President Trump.

Biden requests the resignation of the Surgeon General of the United States

According to Politico newspaper, Adams confirmed his plans to step down in a tweet on the morning of the inauguration, describing it as "the honor of my life to serve this nation." "I hope in 2021 and beyond that we focus more on what unites us, and move beyond what divides us," he wrote in a subsequent post on Facebook.

Adams was confirmed as an anesthesiologist in September 2017 to work for four years as a general surgeon, becoming the second African American to hold the position. But Adams has come under fire from Democrats, who say he has not done enough to respond to President Donald Trump's efforts to play down the pandemic.

The ouster of Adams on Inauguration Day cuts his tenure to nearly six months and is likely to leave Biden without a permanent general surgeon for weeks, until Biden's candidate for the position is confirmed as Vivek Murthy, who previously held the position during the Obama administration.

Trump fired Moorthy as a general surgeon shortly after his tenure, after Murthy served in the position for two years. The move angered Democrats at the time, who insisted that the role should remain out of politics.

Murthy was close to Biden during his election campaign and was deeply involved in crafting Biden's plans to fight the pandemic.

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