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Beware of makeup mistakes

There are some mistakes that most girls and women make when applying make-up, which can greatly ruin their appearance, but to avoid these mistakes, you can follow some tips.

Beware of makeup mistakes

Soraya Shawky, a beauty expert, said that there are some mistakes that girls make when applying make-up, as it adds more age than the natural look, which spoils her entire look.

Shawky continued, in a special statement to the Sada Al-Balad news site, that some simple steps that must be taken into account when applying make-up can give a natural, inexpensive look, and one of the most common mistakes is.

1- Excessive application of foundation cream under the eyes:

Shawky confirmed that many girls and women use foundation cream to lighten the skin tone, but when you put a large layer of foundation cream under the eyes, it shows wrinkles and makes the face appear large, and for this it is recommended to use a type that matches your skin tone so that you are at your natural age.

2- Incorrect application of eye shadow:

Shawky explained that the eye is one of the most beautiful features that highlight the beauty of the face, but many women use it in the wrong way, as it applies shadows to the entire eye, which gives it an unpleasant appearance, and for this it is preferable to apply eye shadow to the eyelids area only and not the entire eye until you appear With cute little features.

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