Antonella died..the story of a new challenge on TikTok that prompts suicide .. What is the blackout challenge

Antonella died..the story of a new challenge on TikTok that prompts suicide .. What is the blackout challenge

Social networking sites still represent an imminent danger and a great threat to children through the exciting games and challenges they carry that may lead to dangerous practices that claim the lives of children and perhaps adults.

Antonella died..the story of a new challenge on TikTok that prompts suicide .. What is the blackout challenge

The owners of these deadly challenges and games promote their programs in complete secrecy before they turn into lethal tools that target people with psychological crises and throw them into their traps towards death.

In the province of Sicily in Palermo, in southern Italy, ten-year-old Antonella was killed by a new tik tok challenge called the "mantle or strangulation" challenge.

The challenge of blackout has spread on the Tik Tok website recently and its own hashtags have been launched, calling for many to practice it, amid provocations for some that they are unable to do it, which pushes them to experiment unimpressed with its risks.

What is the challenge of blackout

The challenge of blackout, according to what the pioneers of tik tok said, that a person confines himself in a completely dark room and then suppresses his breath until suffocation, thinking that he will find different feelings and a life experience that he will not forget later.

During this situation, the person is connected via the Internet with his mobile phone by filming or by broadcasting to prove to everyone that he has entered into this challenge and may be suffocated or survived at the last moment.

How did Antonella die?

The child Antonella did not anticipate her fate when she tried to play the scarf in the stealth of her family, who thought that she was performing some dances and songs on the application of Tik Tok only.

“We didn't know anything about it, and we didn't know that she was participating in this game. I knew that Antonella was using Tik Tok for dances and watching videos. How could I have imagined there were these atrocities,” the girl’s father told the Italian press.

The father said that it was Antonella's nine-year-old sister who revealed to the family that her sister was playing the choking game, which is what caused her death.

The reaction of the Tik Tok administration

In a quick reaction from the Tik Tok administration, whose users in Italy exceeded 100 million people, the network confirmed that the safety of its users is its "top" priority, and that it is "at the disposal of the competent authorities and are ready to cooperate with it in the investigation."

The management of Tik Tok uses warning messages heavily to users of the videos they find inciting violence, but until this time they have not succeeded in stopping these deadly games.

During the year 2019, the world witnessed a major crisis due to the spread of the deadly blue whale game, which claimed the lives of hundreds of youth and children around the world.

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