Achievements of Maryam Shadid

Achievements of Maryam Shadid

Maryam Shadid her life

There are Moroccan historical figures who raised the name of their country high, as the Arab world was born with geniuses, and among them, the scientist and researcher Maryam Shadid, one of the stars that shone in the sky of the Arab world, is an example of the iron female, who defies the difficulties in order to reach what they aspire to.

Achievements of Maryam Shadid

She was born on the eleventh of October 1969 in Casablanca, Maghreb, where she grew up in an average family between seven sisters and her sixth arrangement among them, to a father who works as a blacksmith and a housewife, as she always describes her parents with tenderness and affection, Mary discovered at an early age, her love and passion for astronomy, She searched for information and secrets about the astronomer with great enthusiasm. As for the schools that she enrolled in, he started with the School of Arab Thought, then Al Mazraa Elementary School, then Mansour Al Dhahabi Preparatory School, and then Salah El Din Secondary School for Girls, which are government schools in Casablanca, and after that she joined the university in The Maghreb [1].

Maryam graduated from Hassan II University, from the Maghreb in 1990, and obtained a master's degree in physics and mathematics, after her graduation she went to France where the dream was completed. She studied at the University of Nice, until she obtained a master's degree in advanced postgraduate studies, in image science in science. Cosmic 1993.

In 1996, Maryam obtained a doctorate degree with honors in the field of astronomy, where she prepared her doctorate with a very important scientific discovery, and it was through an astronomical observatory in France, available only to Europeans, to be the first Arab person to enter the observatory and to study it in it [2].

Difficulties encountered Maryam Shadid

Maryam Shadid’s fame was not out of thin air or by coincidence, for that tireless and persistent character, she went through many difficulties, Maryam Shadid says of the difficulties she faced that she was from a very poor family, and she did not have enough money to study and travel, and she did not get a scholarship, but she says Her love for science and science is greater than these difficulties.

She was fighting all circumstances, and her love for astronomy broke and broke all barriers, and one of the biggest difficulties she faced was that she did not find the science that she wanted to study in Morocco, and she thought that she should go to Europe, in order to join the scientific research as it should be. He paid Maryam to travel to France without a scholarship, but she used to work all night in France to provide enough money for her studies, so she had no one to help but her will

Maryam fought to raise the flag of her country, as she stayed in the desert in Chile for a full four years, expressing that it was very difficult, and there was no reason for living in the desert, but there was the largest telescope in the world, so Mary Shadid used to say, “We sat in The desert is in unprecedented drought. There is no rain, no animals, no plants, but the telescope is found. Simply she summarized her life in that sentence, Mary Shadid is where the stars are, where there is the ark, where the telescope is.

Maryam Shadid returned to France in 2002, after she had achieved many achievements, to later enjoy a quiet life, as everyone preferred to her. After her endeavors in the deserts and in other countries, Dr. Maryam had to settle in a job befitting her ability, knowledge and scientific position, where she appointed a professor At the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Nice in France, she also worked as an astronomer at the Astronomical Observatory of the Cote d'Azur.

Achievements of Maryam Shadid

But it is clear that Maryam Shadid was never convinced of staying without a telescope, so she participated in the scientific expedition heading to the extreme south of the globe, and for you to establish a new astronomical observatory, in order to become a woman in history who would reach Antarctica, where she planted the Moroccan flag at a moment in which she rose up. All Arab countries with joy and warm applause, as they raised the flag of the entire Arab nation, with the Maghreb at its head.

Mariam's love for stars is intense

People often wonder how this little girl, who lives in a very average family, can take care of that difficult science, which Hess described as needing intense will, in one of her television interviews, where she said that astronomy needs great patience, as Maryam Shadid mentioned that she She watches the stars for three full nights a week, which makes her suffer the misfortune of staying for a long time and looking into the telescope, but she sees it as a great pleasure, and she finds her life in it [1].

As for her passion for stars, planets and astronomy, it arose by chance, when her brother Mustafa, who is sixteen years older than her, gave her the French book Cosmic Gravity, on her twelfth birthday, and wrote her a special gift on it, so she was always interested in reading it on television programs, where he tells her on The dedication he wrote inside the book "To my dear sister Mary, Happy Birthday, and every year you are an astronomer I wish you every night a sky full of stars."

She was always keen to accompany the book to all programs as a recognition of the beauty, love and passion for the book, and for those who gifted it to her, in astronomy, as if he gave her life at the time. Mary breathed a great love for astronomy, until she devoted her whole life to it, and she also says that the book is very rich in information about Astronomy and space, and that it was the gate to cross to the sky of the stars, and continues her words that she thinks that she created an astronomer.

Maryam Shedid says of her love for the stars, "I used to go to the roof of the house and talk to the stars. It is a great love that was between me and the sky and is still."

Her love for astronomy became clearer when a scientist at NASA asked her if he suggested that she travel to Mars on an exploratory scientific mission, and her answer came without hesitation, that she no doubt agreed immediately, and that she is ready for all adventures, as long as she is in the service of science, then Mary Shadid is there as We mentioned wherever the stars were found.

Maryam Shadid's most famous achievement

Dr. Maryam Shedeed has achieved many accomplishments as: [1] [3]

In 1995 she was one of the discoverers that there is an extrasolar planet, and a group of researchers.

Proved that there are large collision waves that exceed sound waves, in certain types of stars, and it was the first time in the world that this important discovery occurred, as in 1996 she obtained a PhD

With honors, as it is the first doctorate in this field by a Moroccan and Moroccan woman, and it is worth noting that all of her PhD professors rejected the idea because she was observing one star, except that she believed in what she does completely.

In 1998, she went to Atkma, as she works as an engineer for the French National Astronomical Research Center, in order to activate the largest telescope in the world, while no Arab person would choose for these tasks, which aroused her admiration, and she asked, "Maybe there is a mistake and she says she is Moroccan," so the response was By the competent authorities, when qualified, we close our eyes to the nationality.

Maryam Shadid was the first Arab woman to reach the South Pole to study the energy situation in space, and she also raised the French flag there.

Maryam Shadid received the Arab Women in Science Award from Regent's University in London in 2015.

King Mohammed VI honored her with the Royal Medal for her scientific achievements and genius in the Maghreb.

Being one of the three most important scientists in the world, got the highest vote in Forbes magazine.

In 2008, she was chosen on the Davos list, which includes the most prominent young leaders in the world.

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