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5 tricks to give you a perfect waist

Are you looking for a perfect waist circumference? Here are a set of foods that must be included in your diet, as they are the most rich in fiber offered by Bold Sky India. These tricks help you lose weight and blow up fat

5 tricks to give you a perfect waist

1. Bananas give you a perfect waist.

Bananas can help maintain a perfect waistline. Rich in carbohydrates and low in calories. Besides, eating one banana gives a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger. Not only does banana consumption promote weight loss, but it also helps replenish lost energy

Dietary fiber in bananas (100 g):

2.6 g

How to use:

Put a few slices of banana in a fruit bowl. You can also make banana smoothies or add them to your oats.

2. Grapefruit gives you a perfect waist

Low in calories and rich in vital nutrients. It helps reduce weight with the help of an enzyme called AMP. The enzyme boosts metabolism and uses stored fats and sugar to produce energy in the body.

Grapefruit Dietary Fiber (100g):

1.1 g

How to use:

You can eat half a grapefruit daily.

3. Apples give you a perfect waist

It is a major source of dietary fiber and polyphenols. It greatly helps in reducing belly fat in obese people. The polyphenols present in the fruit also aid digestion.

Dietary Fiber in Apple (100g): 2.4g

How to use:

Add apples to your breakfast by including them in a fruit salad or oatmeal

4. Mango gives you a perfect waist

Mango is a healthy snack that promotes satiety. It contains beta-carotene, which helps reduce the risk of cancer. Mango is also a rich source of vitamins C and B and lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps with weight loss.

Dietary fiber in mangoes (100 g):

1.6 g

How to use:

Don't miss the mangoes during their season. Consume it after peeling it. You can also prepare mango juice or smoothies.

5. Strawberry gives you a perfect waist

Strawberries reduce the risk of heart disease, inflammation, obesity, and blood pressure due to the presence of dietary fiber, flavonoids, and other essential nutrients.

The fiber in the fruit may also aid in easy weight management.

Dietary fiber in strawberries (100 g): 2 g

How to use: Put strawberries in a bowl of fruit. You can also eat it with Greek yogurt or put it on top of oats.

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