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2021 designs ... different with Corona and fun with cold winter .. #Anatomy

2021 designs ... different with Corona and fun with cold winter

With the advent of the winter season, Arab girls and women are keen to choose suitable colors for this enjoyable season, which many consider does not require the purchase of many clothes, while those who follow fashion and its new colors are keen to buy the new to celebrate this season that is covered in clouds and the rain is a suitable sign for it.

2021 designs ... different with Corona and fun with cold winter

Palestinian fashion designer Doaa Al-Ghaiti, inventor of the anatomi brand, says that the winter season has a special flavor for everyone who follows fashion, and girls and women of all ages are keen to buy new ones to celebrate this fun season away from the summer heat that does not require effort in choosing clothes and designs.

She explains that in the winter season is his palace, but it is fun to choose clothes and gives a special luster to clothes and their colors, noting that the new lines of fashion in the winter season have their lovers who are keen to buy new ones as if this season for them is a holiday of the year they celebrate and are keen to appear in it In a different way.

She points out that Anatomy is keen to present a distinct and different set of designs in different colors that attract the eyes of girls who are looking for a cold frost, which for them is like a companion and are not afraid of catching a cold. They are keen to wear heavy clothes, whether a jacket, wool pullover or cloak with a modern design. Even in the rain they feel warm in this season.

She added, in the winter, many women are keen to walk in extreme cold and rain in different places and take a walk in malls eating a cup of Nescafe, and that is why we presented in Anatomy various designs of abayas and jackets suitable for cold and rain, and we advise our customers with accessories to cover their hair so that they do not lose their shine when it rains. Rain.

Doaa Al-Ghaiti said, "Anatomy", in all its designs, takes into account that it is compatible with international fashion lines to suit the Arab taste, with its conservative customs and traditions in clothes, especially the Gulf region, which is characterized by different colors and conservative designs.

She added that she implemented a new and distinct set of designs that suit the Gulf and Arab women for the winter season, noting that the colors were carefully chosen to meet all different tastes and ages.

She pointed out that she is constantly aware of all new fashion lines and chooses what is suitable for Arab women, with new and different designs that suit the fluctuations of the weather in the winter season, and is not affected by the precipitation, and is keenly interested in providing everything new in the fashion world of gowns and evening dresses and Jewelry, and other accessories.

Fashion designer Doaa Al-Ghaiti pointed out that elegance in the colors and patterns of women's clothes is the most important thing that distinguishes them from other women, especially with Arab customs and traditions that are concerned with elegant clothes that do not highlight the charms of Arab women at the same time.

She continued, Anatomi is keen to choose simple colors and patterns, and uses silk in the designs to give her the beautiful bright colors inlaid with crystals and Swarovski, which is characteristic of some Arab designs, as well as the use of silk fabrics and lace, and there are designs that include gold and silver embroideries in various colors to emphasize the element of contemporary and modernity in Colors.

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