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Tricks to find out spoiled chicken when you buy it

Tricks to find out spoiled chicken when you buy it

Chicken is one of the main ingredients in many dishes due to its delicious taste, ease of preparation and great health benefits. But sometimes you make the mistake of choosing spoiled chicken, which threatens the health of your family. Learn in the following lines the most important criteria for distinguishing spoiled chicken before buying it from the market, according to Madam.net:

Tricks to find out spoiled chicken when you buy it

Color to see rotten chicken.

The chicken is characterized by its white, pinkish-red color, and this is its natural color, and if we find that the color of the chicken has changed to gray or blue, or some yellow or brown spots appear on it, this means that the chicken is rotten and we must avoid buying it.

Smell to see spoiled chicken.

Rotten chicken, it emits a very strong smell, similar to the smell of ammonia, but sometimes, we cannot notice this smell except when cutting the chicken, and this strong smell appears more when it is boiled .. And if we smell this smell, we must not continue cooking the chicken and that Get rid of it.

The viscosity and consistency of the meat to know the rotten chicken.

When you notice that the chicken's skin is more viscous than usual, this indicates that it is spoiled chicken. In addition to the fact that chicken meat is usually firm, but in the event that we noticed its wear and ease with cutting it by hand before cooking it, this is another conclusive evidence of its spoilage.

Bone hardness to see spoiled chickens.

To make sure that the chicken is fresh, we will have a hard time breaking its bones, and if it is easier than usual to break it, this indicates that too much time has passed since the slaughter of that chicken.

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