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Learn how to Increase Adsense earnings makes you Quite Smoking

Learn how to Increase Adsense earnings makes you Quite Smoking

I have been running Google Adsense ads on several of my websites for about a year. I have to admit that I am nowhere near the stage where I might consider retiring on your income. I quite envy these folks you read about who say they're making two thousand dollars a week on the show, but I'm pretty sure most people would be happy to make six hundred dollars a month. What Adsense has helped me do, curiously, is quit smoking. I will explain how in this article.

Learn how to Increase Adsense earnings makes you Quite Smoking

In the first few months after I added the Google Adsense code on some of my websites, I would go and check how much I had made on a particular day and would be happy if it was over $ 10. The average daily figure at this stage was around five or six dollars.

I wanted to find ways to drive more visitors to these websites which, in turn, I believed would help me increase my adsense earnings. I also thought of creating several new sites for the same reasons.

One day he was very happy because he had won sixteen dollars, this was the most he had won in one day. I live in the UK and this would equate to around nine pounds. Later that night, my wife asked me if I would be willing to go to the stores to buy her some cigarettes. I was pretty happy to go as I needed to buy some too. When I got to the store, I asked the merchant for the forty cigarettes and in return he told me how much it would cost. This amount was more than the nine pounds he had made that day with Adsense.

Even though I was well aware of how much a pack of cigarettes would cost, this surprised me a bit. There I am working very hard in an attempt to increase my adsense earnings and then throw the money I have made smoking these cigarettes down the drain.

This was enough to inspire me to quit, I'm not trying to say it's easy, but knowing that over the course of a year I'll probably save around a thousand pounds was a huge help to me.

My wife has also been very determined and has managed to quit smoking. We now live in a much healthier environment and now we can afford to spend a vacation abroad every year.

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