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In the video: the reasons for the flooding of the city of Alexandria by rain

In the video: the reasons for the flooding of the city of Alexandria by rain

The rain in the city of Alexandria, Egypt, caused the streets to flood with water, and wastewater overflowed the roads and entered some shops.

In the video: the reasons for the flooding of the city of Alexandria by rain

The founder of the “Alexandria First” initiative, Georgette Sharkawy, told “Russia Today”: “The infrastructure of Alexandria Governorate has not withstood the nucleus and the rains.

This is because the accumulations over the past hour have exceeded the capacity of the sewage tanks and the rain drainage holes.

Therefore, cars outside the governorate were used to extract the water in excess of the capacity of the match.

She pointed out that “pressure was placed on the main drainage network, due to the cumulative negligence and corruption in the building file, which led to its wear and tear and narrow roads.

Consequently, it was not able to absorb 3 times the increased amount of rain, ”adding that“ despite the fact that the cost of constructing a new sewage network for the governorate is enormous.

Officials did not gradually renew it, and thus it led to pressure on the rain drainage network.

Pointing out that "crises are contained to those responsible, according to the available and insufficient capabilities."

And she continued: "There are no new mechanisms to dispense with manholes and replace them with modern technologies, in addition to the slums in Alexandria, which is expected to change over the coming years."

"The collapse of dilapidated real estate, the fall of the balconies due to their old age, and the failure to deal with the reports properly," explained Sharkawy, "due to the current local laws.

It does not allow for rapid intervention to remove hazards, the formation of virtual examination committees, and removal decisions that have become ink on paper.

Due to loopholes in the current law, the small number of engineers in the neighborhoods, and the failure to activate an exceptional system in emergency situations, this contributes to these problems.


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