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How to monetize a 1,000+ page site in 5 min. Or less without violating Google's Adsense policy!

How to monetize a 1,000+ page site in 5 min. Or less without violating Google's Adsense policy!

As webmasters, writers, and authors, we all want to find ways to maximize the profitability of our content. We employ a variety of methods such as Adsense, Yahoo Ads, links to affiliate products of all kinds, but there are a couple of problems. There is the mere time it takes to create these links and then keep them updated with the most relevant and profitable products. To avoid a penalty from Google, you should use text-based affiliate links, as noted above, this can be a monumental task.

How to monetize a 1,000+ page site in 5 min. Or less without violating Google's Adsense policy!

Keeping up with the rapid changes of the internet can make keeping all your content optimized for profit time consuming, difficult and expensive. What is needed is cutting edge technology that makes it easy to optimize a website, whether it has 10 pages or 10,000 pages of content. Well the future is here! Michael Fortin and Sylvie Charrier recently unveiled what may be the most important innovation for webmasters since Adsense.

While it's still in the beta stage, this new trailer is already starting to gain attention. With a simple code snippet installed in the footer of a thousand-page website, any group of keywords can be targeted and "automatically" turned into active links to the most profitable affiliate products on Clickbank and Amazon. You can also target your own or any other product by designating which keywords, again even if there are a thousand instances of those keywords, once from the dashboard.

What's even better is that the program updates the targets regularly and tracks the most profitable products without a single edit on your part. If the top selling weight loss product on Clickbank is overtaken by a more relevant and profitable product, your links will now go to the new leader in profit. Similarly, if a product is removed or removed, its links never die, they just move to the next most profitable one.

Can you imagine the work and expense of going back to thousands of web pages, ezine articles, e-books, and manually changing the links? Please! Can I go back to the typewriter too? Michael and Sylvie's new software will revolutionize the web.

As it is still beta, you can expect some glitches while you are refining and tweaking. The early risers are already there. Remember the day you first heard about your software, as one day you will be able to tell others that you were aware of this before it got really big. I know I thought Google's IPO was somewhat high and would wait to get it back.

Currently, Clickbank and Amazon are "connected" to the system, but very close to them are Commission Junction, Digital River, PayDotCom.com and even eBay. All of your content can now work for you, day and night. The possibilities are mind-boggling for some visionaries will be told legends.

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