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How to keep onions fresh for a year in your home

How to keep onions fresh for a year in your home

A farmer from Oregon shared tips on storing onions for a year.

Shay Myers, CEO of “Owyhee Produce” uses his Tik Tok account to give people insight into farming methods.

How to keep onions fresh for a year in your home

In response to a question from a Tik Tok user about how to store onions for a long time.

Myers responded, “If I bought an onion at the grocery store in the first weeks of October, it would go straight out of the field.

Otherwise, stores rely on stock products from November through mid-April.

He explained that the air in the onion storage unit comes from the front and is under 12 feet from the onion piles before exiting the back, and he explained that it is all about the airflow.

Thus, the quality of the onion is preserved, and the other thing is to maintain the temperature and stability and low humidity.

To preserve onions for a long time at home, Myers advises against putting the onions in the refrigerator.

Rather, it is placed in paper bags to get rid of moisture.

It is also recommended to put onions at a constant temperature, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

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