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How to clean wood doors in an easy way

How to clean wood doors in an easy way

Despite the attractiveness of painting the door with a light-colored paint, this makes it attract dirt to it more easily compared to a dark-colored door. Here are the steps for cleaning wood doors, as follows, according to the “Madam” website.

How to clean wood doors in an easy way

Use a diluted solution prepared with a mild dishwashing liquid and water suitable for cleaning most surfaces.

Start by flicking the dust and dirt off the door, then test the cleaning solution on an area of ​​the door that is not clearly visible, to make sure the solution does not react negatively.

Put some newspaper under the door to catch any drips, just to start cleaning.

If the solution appears to be safe to use, you can wipe the door down. Use a spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution, which is wiped with a sponge or mop, before drying the door with a paper towel.

Don't lose sight of cleaning the frame and sill either, and polishing the panes of glass if your door has any.

If there are tough spots of dirt, they can be cleaned with distilled vinegar.

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