Good family fun in Las Vegas - For Kids too

Good family fun in Las Vegas - For Kids too

If you're looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas with or without the family, this should keep you busy for most of your travels. Keep in mind that Las Vegas is a city of lights and action that most attractions will have on or other, if not both, of these elements. Enjoy the bright lights of this great city and have as much fun as you can during your stay.

Good family fun in Las Vegas - For Kids too

The High Roller at the Stratosphere Hotel

The High Roller at the Stratosphere Hotel is a roller coaster, which at 909 feet above the ground is the highest in the world (note that competition is fierce among roller coaster manufacturers and that is subject to change). This roller coaster consists of over 800 feet of track and offers some sharp turns of around 32 miles per hour for fun and enjoyment. The cost of a ride on this roller coaster is $ 5 and day passes can be purchased (height restrictions apply).

The Nevada Botanical and Zoo Park is another great way to spend the day. 

While this is by no means the largest zoo in the world, it is a good place to take your kids and visit the wildlife (well, some wildlife not found on the strip) of Las Vegas. Some of the animals you may see include chimpanzees (usually a hit with the little ones), emus, ostriches, kangaroos, and flamingos. You can also choose to go on a full-day or half-day eco tour of the desert. These tours give you the opportunity to learn to see the desert a little differently and are a great educational experience disguised as fun for your children.

What would a stay at the Venetian Hotel and Casino be without a gondola ride? 

However, you don't have to stay on the Venetian to experience this pleasure, nor do you have to venture on a transatlantic flight. For an authentic gondola experience, you only need to travel to the Venetian Hotel and Casino. You'll float under bridges as your gondolier serenades you with the sounds of Venice. You can choose an outdoor gondola ride when the weather permits. Outdoor walks are only slightly less expensive and are still quite enjoyable (they may even be preferable on a cold night in the desert). Children under the age of 12 are very economical passengers and if you are traveling with your partner you can opt for a romantic gondola for 2 passengers for an additional fee. Reservations must be made in person and can only be made the same day starting at 9 a.m. for the indoor gondola ride and at 10 a.m. for the walk in the open air.

If you're old enough to remember the commercials asking if it was live or Memorex, then you will understand that reference when it comes to Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. Where else can you play golf with Tiger, sail the seas with Captain Jack Sparrow, marry George Clooney, become a playboy bunny, and sing alongside the King? You'll see some of Hollywood's brightest stars, both living and living memories at Madame Tussauds, have fun meeting their favorites. This is a must stop on your trip to Las Vegas and will have the whole family laughing, be sure to bring your camera for this one.

Las Vegas may have taken a while to see the light of day, but this city is really working to make this a fun place for the whole family and is slowly building a good selection of activities that do not directly involve gambling or casinos. . . Casinos, recognizing good business sense when they see it, have pioneered many of these family-oriented activities in the hope of encouraging more guests to return to the city. Be sure to check out all the wonderfully fun things you can do with the family during your stay in Las Vegas.

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