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For an irresistible taste ... how to make a Russian honey cake at home

For an irresistible taste ... how to make a Russian honey cake at home

This cake contains many healthy and beneficial ingredients for the body.

For an irresistible taste ... how to make a Russian honey cake at home

Ingredients for making Russian honey cake

Three cups of white flour, a cup of powdered sugar, four of white honey, two large eggs, half a cup of sugar, and a spoonful of baking powder or a spoonful of vanilla.

Cream ingredients for Russian honey cake

Two tablespoons of butter, a packet of cream and a spoonful of vanilla, two tablespoons of honey and a packet of sweetened condensed milk, a quarter cup of sugar, half a small cup, two tablespoons of starch, a large white, and a half a cup of crushed pistachios for garnish. A box of plain tea biscuits.

Steps to prepare for making Russian honey cake

Prepare to put in boiling water, then add sugar over the boiling water, put butter and stir the ingredients with the hand mixer until the sugar melts, then add honey and mix the ingredients together after that the eggs and butter are removed from the water bath and gradually put the baking powder and flour, while continuing the flipping process until it becomes Dough homogeneous with each other, after that, the dough is cut into sections and placed in a tray, so that each tray is one cm and consists of three or four trays at least.

After that, the cake is baked in the oven until it is cooked and left aside until it calms down. Then we start preparing the cream by mixing the butter in a bowl over a water bath, adding milk, honey and condensed milk, and stirring the ingredients together with a hand mixer.

In the next step, we put powdered sugar, starch, vanilla and white in a bowl and stir the ingredients together. It is placed over a hot water bath until it becomes homogeneous, which is then placed a layer of cake from the bottom and then put on the face cream and then put another layer and we have the cream until the amount is finished and after It is cut up and eaten.

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