Dress up like Melania Trump ... Watch Melania Trump's latest fashion trends on all occasions, Top of Fashion

 Dress up like Melania Trump ... Watch Melania Trump's latest fashion trends on all occasions, Top of Fashion

Melania Trump knows how to dress, and the style of the first lady makes headlines regularly, and Donald Trump's wife has always looked impeccable, always appeared elegant and attractive during her time in the White House, and her choices from elegant coats and dresses to trouser suits, constantly amazed us.

While Donald Trump ran in a fierce election in which he suffered a loss to rival Joe Biden in the US presidential election, we take a look at her best clothes over the years. Hello magazine has collected the most looks of Melania Trump before she gave up the title of first lady:

- On her official visit to the UK in June 2019, Melania dazzled everyone with her stunning collection of outfits, as she wore everything from Dior Haute Couture, along with the stunning red Claire White Keeler dress, which she wore to dinner at the US Ambassador, London, Winfield House.

Melania Trump in the red dress

Melania wore this beautiful ivory silk dress from Dior Haute Couture to the Queen's official banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Melania Trump in an ivory dress

- The president's wife looked conservative but elegant when she arrived in Saudi Arabia, where Melania got off Air Force One wearing a black suit designed by Stella McCartney. Saint Laurent golden snake belt.

Melania Trump In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Melania took the strength of character clothing to a whole new level when she stepped out in Paris wearing this charming red "Tier" by Dior.

Melania Trump Ptayr red

On the occasion of the Arab Islamic American Summit at the King Abdulaziz Conference Center in Riyadh, Melania wore a white Dolce & Gabbana suit and a black blouse, the elegant First Lady always paired the suit with Manolo Blahnik high-heeled shoes.

Melania Trump At the King Abdul Aziz Conference Center in Riyadh

Melania looked so elegant at the National Memorial event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landing at Southsea Common, she was stunning in a cream jacket from The Row with a headdress of the same color by Philip Tracy.

Melania Trump's elegance

Melania was effortlessly elegant in a dazzling Dolce & Gabbana dress during her visit to London, as the First Lady chose this outfit to meet the Queen, pairing it with a Hervé Pierre hat.

Melania Trump During her visit to London

- In 2018, Melania wore an elegant Victoria Beckham dress on a visit to the Royal Chelsea Hospital on another British visit.

Melania Trump  inVictoria Beckham design dress

On her first foreign visit as the First Lady, Melania Trump left the White House in elegance wearing a cream Max Mara jacket, which she combined with an orange Hervé Pierre leather skirt and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Melania Trump In her first foreign visit

- The First Lady appeared in white during her visit to the Western Wall, while visiting the women's section of the wall, and Barron's mother wore a pocket suit from the Michael Kors collection, Melania added color to her outfit with Manolo Blanc's red and white striped shoes.

Melania Trump During a visit to the Western Wall

Melania looked gorgeous green to welcome Queen Raina and King Abdullah II of Jordan to the White House in April 2017, and the elegant First Lady wore a dress decorated with a belt designed by Hervey Pierre in her first encounter with a royal figure since her husband's inauguration.

Melania Trump During an interview with King Abdullah and Queen Rania

- First lady Melania Trump disembarked Air Force One with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Palm Beach International Airport, wearing white Michael Kors wide-legged high-waisted trousers and a black button-down front.

Melania Trump With the Japanese Prime Minister

- In red, the first lady, Melania stunned everyone by wearing a special jacket designed by New York-based designer Alice Roy on her trip from the White House to "Mar-a-Lago" in Palm Beach, Florida.

Melania Trump , Florida

- The First Lady appeared attractive in a lace and tulle dress to a formal dinner party with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Melania Trump In a lace dress

Melania visited the children at the American International School in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on May 21 wearing a khaki shirt, and the first lady wore her outfit with a wide brown belt.

Melania Trump During her visit to a school in Saudi Arabia

- The First Lady of the United States welcomed Argentine President Mauricio Macri and First Lady Juliana Owada to the White House wearing a pocket-sized suit, inspired by the military.

Melania Trump With the Argentine president and his wife

- The first lady appeared in a V-neck dress featuring white-painted details on the annual Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride at the White House, and Melania highlighted her waist in a thick black belt.

Melania Trump

In Florida, Melania maintained her simple look in a long, white cashmere dress by Calvin Klein, during her tour of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, which she visited with Ake, wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Melania Trump in a long dress

- First lady Melania Trump dazzled the audience, when her husband gave his first speech to Congress on February 28, and President Trump's wife shone in a jacket embroidered with flowers from the Michael Kors collection and Jeep.

Melania Trump During Trump's speech - The First one

Melania Trump During Trump's first speech

- As she addressed the crowd at a rally in Melbourne, Florida on February 18, the first lady looked stunning in a red Alexander McQueen dress.

Melania's elegance

Melania appeared in a "casual" look, as she wore a sky blue top and white jeans at an hour-long party held at the Trump International Golf Club, Palm Beach.

Melania in a casual outfit

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