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10 ways to cut calories in cooking

10 ways to cut calories in cooking

It is known that high calorie levels in food lead to harm to human health, as well as cause obesity. According to “My Lady” magazine, here are some tips to reduce the calories in food while cooking, follow them to get healthy and delicious dishes at the same time.

10 ways to cut calories in cooking

1. Cook lean red meat once a week, and eat white meat and legumes for the rest of the week.

2. Put the chicken broth in the fridge for a day before using it to make it easier to remove the layer of fat accumulated on the face.

3. Use the method of cooking in the oven to prepare chicken or meat dishes, after adding it with a quantity of various vegetables and a spoonful of olive oil.

4. Use boneless, skinless chicken to avoid extra fat.

5. Replace full-fat dairy products with low-fat.

6. Replace the cooking cream for preparing different soups with half a cup of milk and one teaspoon of low-fat cream cheese.

7. Use non-stick containers to avoid adding more fat.

8. Use apple sauce as a substitute for butter to prepare different types of cakes.

9. Use whole wheat flour, nuts and fruit to make some cakes.

10. Use one tablespoon of the oil and butter mixture to give a distinct flavor and lower calories.

Follow these healthy methods to become an essential part of your daily life. To get the required nutritional balance, and to avoid calories, which is harmful to eat.

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