Travel to Rome - How to Live normal in Rome when you are a tourist

Travel to Rome - How to Live normal in Rome when you are a tourist

Rome, often called the "Eternal City", combines the superior magnificence of the Vatican, the eternity of the Forum, the bloody character of the Colosseum and the peak rhythm of the Fiat Bambino. It is difficult to predict what one would find so impressive in this amazing place.

"Do what the Romans do"

"Do what the Romans do" as they say, create a feeling like the locals and soak up your senses with the superfluity of the pleasures the city has to offer. From feeling the thrill of the turbulent history of the century under your feet to the smallest but most compelling intoxication of eating chestnut jelly on a hot day, you will always find the most wonderful things in this amazing place.

Your trip to Rome should definitely include sightseeing tours that are completely exhilarating and exhausting when you start exploring the residence, basilicas, churches, temples, piazza, palazzi, parks, museums, and fountains. Include Vatican sightseeing tours as well, and you will definitely say that all of this wasn't built in one day.

Food in Rome 

Of course, your trip to Rome should not miss great places to eat, where you can experience a taste of Rome. If you like a family business that serves home cooked food, then the Trattoria is for you. A more formal and wider selection of dishes is what can be found at Ristorante, and if you are looking for some local dishes but with endless wines, then Osteria is for you. Pasta, antipasto, pizza, meat and vegetables are served in the pizzerias.

Rome nights 

When it comes to 'sleeping', staying in some of the best places to check-in include Hotel Celio, Albergo Abruzzi, Aleph, Allesandro Downtown Hostel, grand Hotel De La Minerve, Gregoriana, Hotel Amalia, Hotel Britannia, Hotel Capo d'Africa and Columbia Hotel.

When night falls, you don't need to look for much entertainment on your trip to Rome. Soccer or opera, drinking or dancing, this beautiful city has it all. Although Romans don't drink much, there is a bar and club catering to those who do or those who like to dress up for the night. The bars can be found mainly in the historic center, Testaccio and Trastevere.

Shopping in Rome 

Shopping goes with trips to Rome and don't feel bad if you find that the shop windows compete with its monuments, as everyone else does. Whether you are shopping for jewelry, books, antiques, home goods, or designer clothing, most of the time you will end up finding something to buy.

Explore the 'beauty that is Rome' and be sure to plan your trip to Rome and experience the lavish monuments, magnificent sculptures, exquisite lifestyle, splendid kitchens, romantic places and interesting people of this 'Eternal City', but don't forget to bring your credit card, although some trattorie, pensioni and pizzerie only accept cash. ATMs are everywhere and ready to go.

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