La Dolce Vita! That is what they say about trips to northern Italy. Comprised of eight equally enchanting regions such as Peimonte, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia, Liguria, and Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy is definitely a vacation getaway.

Trips through northern Italy will take you to its big cities like Turin, Milan, Venice, Genoa and Bologna. These cities offer an insight into the unique culture and lifestyle of northern Italy. Music and art are very essential elements of trips to northern Italy. A wide variety of music can be heard in many places. The traditional Italian folk music played in the streets with chamber music in the summer reflects the richness of its culture. Locals and tourists have a habit of listening to good music while enjoying local wine in cafes at the end of the day.

Like any other part of Italy, trips to Northern Italy will reveal the best Italian recipes. Their pasta cuisine begins with a "cousin" and "secondi" is meat or fish. Alpine grilled fish and strudel with a glass of local wine is a discovery of authentic Northern Italian cuisine.

There are several activities reserved for those who wish to travel around Northern Italy. Regarded as a winter sports paradise, Mount Blanc in the northwest has great snow slopes perfect for those winter sports. Trips to northern Italy are also a place for summer sports. Its cities boast of splendid historical architecture and a rich collection of art.

Lomabardy and Piemonte are the most luxurious regions of Italy, and Milan and Turin reflect the affluent lifestyle. The beauty of a trip to northern Italy is not a secret. Travelers from all over the world have been making their way to the Alps for hiking and skiing, the lakes for their sheer magnificence and the cities for the true Italian experience.

One of the most famous reasons for some tourists to travel to northern Italy would be the majestic golf courses. A stunning view of the Alps surrounding Italian golf courses is a popular aspect of the northern Italian skyline.

Food is another aspect. There are several restaurants offering pretty much the same Italian cuisine, however you may want to check out the different trattoria or restaurants that the locals love to dine at. The trattoria may be small and less fancy, but they definitely serve the best Italian recipes. .

Trips to northern Italy attempt to bring together two of Italy's favorite pastimes: golf and cooking. The venues provide plenty of opportunities to wander the historic streets and leave plenty of time to do what all Italians love to do: relax while tasting good Italian food and local wine. Without a doubt, traveling to northern Italy is more than just a taste of the sweet life.

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