An after-school program at home

 An after-school program at home

So your child's school doesn't offer extracurricular activities. Your

they are worried about depriving their child of all that extra knowledge and fun.

What should you do?

After-school activities do not need to be taught in a school setting by

professional teachers in a structured and timely manner. There's a lot

YOU can do to support your child's academic, physical and social activities.

development. Don't worry too much about formal programs, as many of our

the children are already overloaded.

Obviously, school is the top priority for children. They need to go to school

and finish your homework. Then they should do their daily reading or

writing work, etc. This can take between 30 and 60 minutes. In the course of her

daily work, your child may develop certain academic preferences and

interests. In that case, you can try to find a program at a university or a

community center that will help and encourage you. In the age of

Internet, information is not a rarity. Let him use the network to

find more information on what you like. Encourage the child to

Doing independent research to gain in-depth knowledge is something you don't

the formal program does.

If you are concerned about the lack of social life, enroll him in a

club - maybe a book club. Visit public libraries or even the theater,

if your child is interested. Your child does not need to do

friends with children their age. A parent-child book club is another

interesting option. If you can bring together several like-minded children

and your parents, you may well start your own after-school program.

When there is no organized group activity, search your community. Many

Children love to get involved in social problems. They get their first

real taste of suffering, charity and community help from such experiences.

Volunteering for cleaning sessions, adult education programs, etc. could be

a real eye opener for your child. The lessons thus learned are invaluable.

If physical activity or lack of it is your biggest concern, sign up your

kid for some dance classes. If organized sports are impossible to get,

try to enroll her in a gym. She can find friends there and can go to the


Your child does not necessarily have to be part of an organized group to

benefit from extracurricular activities. There are several avenues open in

in front of you. Catching Your Children's Enthusiasm At Home Everyday

Activities like cooking, cleaning, etc. can also provide a

refreshing extracurricular experience. In addition, it will improve the family

ties too.

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