Tricks to protect limes from mold in the fridge!

Tricks to protect limes from mold in the fridge!

Preserving foods is very accurate, not even requiring great accuracy. Some foods are kept in the refrigerator, and some foods should not be placed in the refrigerator, and you met them earlier with us.

But today we will review together the way to save specifically the lemon and protect it from rotting, because this problem faces all housewives! How do you prevent the lemon from rotting? Read this article.

Lemon squeeze
One of the simple and easy ways to save the lemon is to squeeze it! Lemon juice is essential for cooking first, and you will avoid rot in this way again.

You can squeeze a quantity of lemon and take advantage of the juice temporarily, and you can also peel and squeeze it, then put it in ice blocks and store it in the freezer.

After it freezes, take it out of the molds and place it in tightly closed bags, and easily when needed, take out the bag, remove and dissolve a number of cubes!

Lemon packaging
To save the green lemon, wash the lemon grains with water until you remove the microbes, and then make sure to dry them well, as moisture can lead to spoilage or rotting.

Then, individually package each pill with plastic packing bags in a way that prevents air from entering the lemon. Keep it in the kitchen until you use it!

Cut it into slices and store it
Cut the lemon into slices, whether peeled or not, then put the slices in the freezer until it freezes, then store them in airtight bags, then put them back in the freezer and use them when needed! It is reported that these slices are usually used to decorate juices or foods!

Written by Joanna Elkai
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