Do not freeze the ice cream after thawing it - it is very dangerous

Do not freeze the ice cream after thawing it - it is very dangerous

Ice cream or ice cream is the food of many and most consumed food ever with the heat in summer. Ice cream has surprising benefits that you did not know before and we shared them with you earlier. However, because you may be among the many who do the same, it is worth noting what research has indicated regarding the freezing of ice cream after it has melted !!!

What happens when ice cream is frozen after it's thawed?
This happens a lot. You buy ice cream and it may melt a little until you put it in the fridge and freeze it again so that you can eat or serve it to your children. But what happens when I freeze the ice cream?

Experts warn against the danger of melting ice cream or ice cream, then re-freezing it and eating it afterwards because it may cause food poisoning, as its quality deteriorates and becomes vulnerable to containing the largest number of bacteria and their growth, which in turn causes poisoning.
Therefore, store the ice cream in the freezer as soon as possible after purchasing it. In addition, food items with strong odors and ice cream should not be stored in the freezer as well as lukewarm foods that you want to freeze because of the possibility of a change in taste.

Finally, experts recommend removing the ice cream from the freezer a few minutes before eating it to enjoy more flavor!

Written by: Joanna Elkai

By : Admin
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