A nurse in Australia wrote a book made a commotion in Australia and in Europe and the United States of America.

A nurse in Australia wrote a book made a commotion in Australia and in Europe and the United States of America.

And the book is a shows personal experiences that the nurse lived with the elderly patients who were in the hospital.The nurse named the book ((remorse or regret )) ..

The focus of the book is on the five most things we regret when we grow up !!! And the nurse in the book relied on the question of many hospital elderly people before their death about the most prominent things that they regretted doing or not doing if they returned to the age of young people ..It is noticed that there are five desires most of the elderly subscribed to, namely:
1- I wished that I had the courage to live for myself and not live the life that others expected or wanted from me .. Most of them expressed regret for satisfying others as their bosses at work or appearing in a way that satisfies the community or those who live around them ..

2- I wished that I had devoted more time to my beloved, or to my family and friends, instead of wasting all of my life in the stressful work routine ..

3- I wished I had the courage to express my feelings frankly and clearly..Many people suppressed their feelings for reasons such as avoiding clashing with others or sacrificing for the sake of unworthy people ..
4- I wished that if I kept in touch with my old friends or renewed my friendship with them, the old friends differed from the rest of the friends, as we feel happy with them and regain the beautiful memories of childhood, but unfortunately we move away from them in the stage of work and family building until we lose them permanently or hear their deaths suddenly ..

5- I wished that I realized early on the true meaning of happiness .. Most of us only realize late that happiness was a state of mind that is not related to money, position or fame, and that happiness was a choice that could be obtained with less effort and simpler cost, but we remain attached to the traditional ideas about achieving it ..- The beauty of this book lies in drawing attention to the need to learn the lessons of old age in youth and before you reach a stage in which you are unable to make up for what has been lost !

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