5 mistakes you make while cooking chicken .. Take it off now!

5 mistakes you make while cooking chicken .. Take it off now!

Chicken is one of the main dishes in the Arabic table, and if my dear housewife thought that you have sufficient experience in cooking chicken, you are wrong, there are mistakes that many ignore while cooking chicken and it has become common as well, look at it below.

1- Removing the skin and bone before cooking: A mistake that the housewife does not realize and that you always make while cooking chicken is removing the bone and skin from it, but if you think that there is no benefit to them then you are wrong because the bone and skin keep the chicken moist and fragile while removing you for them the chicken will become dry and hard !

2- Take the chicken out of the freezer and put it directly on the grill: Putting the chicken on the grill immediately after taking it out of the freezer is a common mistake while cooking the chicken because it will look cooked on the outside but it's not actually the inside.
3- Cooking very well or very low temperature: The best and safe way to cook a chicken is to cook it at 165 degrees, as this temperature kills the bacteria and keeps the chicken safe and the flavor is delicious.

4- Fryer Overcrowding with Chicken: What you may not know in this regard is that chicken need to breathe while cooking to get rid of steam very nicely. Therefore, it is advised to cook chicken in batches if you want to cook a large amount of it.

Written by: Joanna Elkai
By : Admin
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