EgyptAir Announces Schedule Shift to Winter Timing: What Travelers Need to Know

EgyptAir Announces Schedule Shift to Winter Timing: What Travelers Need to Know 

1. Introduction

As seasons change, so do flight schedules. Airlines often adjust their flight times to accommodate daylight savings and various other factors that come with the transition between summer and winter. EgyptAir, Egypt's flagship carrier, has recently announced such a change.


EgyptAir Announces Schedule Shift to Winter Timing: What Travelers Need to Know

2. Official Announcement

EgyptAir, the premier airline of the Arab Republic of Egypt, has proclaimed that starting from the midnight hour of Friday, October 27th, 2023, all its departing flights from Egyptian airports will adhere to the winter schedule.


3. A Note for Travelers

To ensure a smooth journey, EgyptAir kindly reminds its esteemed passengers to arrive at the airport departure lounges well in advance of their flight. This early arrival will allow ample time to complete all travel-related procedures, from check-in to security checks, without any hassle.


4. Got Questions? EgyptAir Has Answers

Should any EgyptAir customers have queries or require additional information about the new winter timing or any other topic:


    - They can reach out to EgyptAir's Customer Service Center.

    - For mobile users in Egypt, dial 1717.

    - For landline users, the contact number is 090070000.

    - International travelers can contact via +97142306666 or +966122297777.

    - Further details can also be found on EgyptAir's official website at (


5. Other Contact Points

Besides the aforementioned methods, customers can also approach the nearest EgyptAir ticketing office or their travel agents for assistance. This gives passengers multiple avenues to ensure they are fully informed and prepared for their journey.


6. The Importance of Adjusting to Winter Schedules

The transition to winter timings, while seeming routine, is an integral part of airline operations. This adjustment ensures that flights harmonize with global schedules, optimizing connections for travelers and ensuring the best possible utilization of airport infrastructure.


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8. Conclusion

Seasonal schedule changes, such as the one announced by EgyptAir, are a common occurrence in the aviation industry. However, staying informed and prepared ensures a stress-free travel experience. EgyptAir continues its commitment to keeping its passengers informed, ensuring that its travelers always have a clear sky ahead.


By following these guidelines and using the provided contact channels, passengers can navigate the upcoming winter schedule with confidence, ensuring a seamless travel experience with EgyptAir.


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