Bella Hadid Speaks Out on Palestinian-Israeli Tensions: A Deep Dive into Her Statement

Bella Hadid Speaks Out on Palestinian-Israeli Tensions: A Deep Dive into Her Statement

1. Introduction:  

Palestinian-origin supermodel Bella Hadid recently took to her Instagram account to voice her stance on the ongoing tensions between Palestine and Israel, as reported by the Independent newspaper.


Bella Hadid Speaks Out on Palestinian-Israeli Tensions: A Deep Dive into Her Statement

2. Breaking Her Silence:  

Famed for her fashion prowess, Bella Hadid began her post on Instagram, seeking forgiveness from her followers for her silence amidst the Israeli retaliations and Hamas attacks. Struggling to find the "perfect" words, she deemed the ongoing events as deeply "complex and horrifying."


3. Personal Threats and Determination:  

Hadid disclosed the unsettling news of receiving "hundreds of death threats daily" and the invasion of her privacy via leaked phone numbers, which left her and her family feeling unsafe. Yet, she bravely stated that fear wasn't an option. “The people and children of Palestine, especially in Gaza, can’t bear our silence. We aren’t just brave; they are too,” she emphasized.


4. A Heartfelt Cry: 

With emotions pouring out, Bella expressed her sorrow after witnessing the consequences of air strikes in Gaza. She felt deeply for the grieving mothers, lonely crying children, and every family member who would never tread the earth again.


5. An Equitable Stance:  

The Dior ambassador didn't limit her sympathies to Palestinians. She mourned the Israeli families who endured loss and pain after the October 7 Hamas attacks. Condemning terror attacks on civilians everywhere, she remarked, "The harm to women, children, and practicing terror don’t benefit the Palestinian freedom movement… I deeply believe that no child or individual, anywhere, should be separated from their family, whether temporarily or indefinitely." This sentiment, she claimed, applies to both Israelis and Palestinians.


6. The Plight of Being Palestinian: 

Amid the ongoing conflict, Hadid accentuated the challenges of being a Palestinian in a world that often perceives them as mere terrorists resisting peace—a notion she completely refutes.


7. The Personal Connection: 

Diving into her family's history, Bella recounted her father's experiences. Born in Nazareth in 1948, the year known for the "Nakba" or "catastrophe", he saw the forced exile of 750,000 Palestinians. His family, she shared, was "expelled" from Palestine, having to take on the life of refugees. Over 75 years, she relayed tales of brutal settler invasions, entire community demolitions, cold-blooded murders, and families forcibly removed from their homes—all of which caused unimaginable pain.


8. A Plea for Humanity:  

Urging her fans, Bella stated, "We all need to stand up for humanity and mercy and demand our leaders to do the same. All religions preach peace; it's the governments that are corrupt." Pointing to the pressing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, she emphasized the dire need for water, food, fuel for hospital generators, care for the wounded, and life-sustaining resources.


9. Upholding War Etiquettes:  

Even amidst conflict, she emphasized the necessity to adhere to "laws," regardless of circumstances. She encouraged her fans to continue exerting pressure on world leaders, reminding them of the Palestinian ordeal to reduce the number of innocent civilians becoming "forgotten casualties in this war."


10. Past Advocacies:  

Historically, Bella Hadid has publicly supported the "Free Palestine" movement. In May 2021, she faced strong public reactions for attending a pro-Palestine march in New York City alongside her sister, Gigi Hadid.



Bella Hadid's heartfelt post on Instagram reflects her deep connection with her Palestinian roots and showcases her balanced view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, urging unity, peace, and humanity above all. 


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