Van Diesel for CBC: I filmed Fast & Furious 9 F9 in 2019, and I never imagined that we would be isolated in 2020

Van Diesel for CBC: I filmed Fast & Furious 9 F9 in 2019, and I never imagined that we would be isolated in 2020

Maha Al-Saghir and Dina Howeidq, the makers and heroes of the movie Fast & Furious 9, which recently started to be shown in most countries of the world and Egypt, hosted the two media professionals during its Sunday episode of It’s Show Time, exclusively on the cbc channel.


Global star Van Diesel, the hero of Fast & Furious 9, talked about the new details that revolve around the events, saying that during filming he did not imagine that the film makers would be isolated, and he never expected that he would miss the cinema in this way and enter the cinemas, stressing that the world He changes and imposes these changes on everyone.


Diesel added: When we were shooting the movie in London in 2019, we had no idea about the next year 2020, and we had no idea that we would isolate ourselves from each other, but in the end I feel blessed.


Van Diesel said the work revolves around parenthood, and that his character is in the movie when he becomes a father who rethinks his past and his relationship with his family.


 The American director Justin Lynn also narrated the effect of the film’s spread and success internationally, especially in the Middle East, and how this changes the way of thinking about the events of the new parts, and when the end will be. And he is very happy when they wonder how we will implement what is required of them, and therefore they sit together and discuss how to implement the scenes of the film.


It is reported that Fast and Furious, one of the most famous movie series around the world, since the first part in 2001, due to its dealing with car chases in the context of crime. After a delay of more than a year due to the Corona virus crisis, the ninth part of the series was recently shown in most countries of the world, and his heroes were joined by a new character presented by star John Cena.


The program had recently hosted a number of international stars, most notably: George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Glenn Powell and many others.


its show time is a specialized artistic program that focuses on the entertainment industry in its various forms and forms, and all that surrounds it of things that attract the audience and push them to pursue all forms of art.


It also makes new features in cinema, television, theater and music, in addition to shedding light on the fashion world and social networking sites.


The program will be shown on the cbc channel from Saturday to Tuesday at nine o'clock in the evening, and it is presented by Maha Al Saghir and Dina Howeidq.

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