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Sousse ... the jewel of the Tunisian coast, glistening with mosaics, marinas and charming beaches

Sousse ... the jewel of the Tunisian coast, glistening with mosaics, marinas and charming beaches

Between the sea, the sun, the mountain and the beach, the Tunisian city of Sousse or Sousse El Mahrousa appears to be a magical paradise, and a tourist destination that testifies to the splendor of nature, originality and generosity of the population, and the old city is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sousse ... the jewel of the Tunisian coast, glistening with mosaics, marinas and charming beaches

Sousse is located in the center-east of Tunisia, 140 km south of the capital. It is known as the "jewel of the coast" that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys a charming nature. Founded by the Phoenicians in the first millennium BC, it is considered a destination for tourists in Tunisia and the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, because of its charming beaches. And archaeological areas and places of entertainment, as well as a constellation of the most beautiful hotels and resorts.

In addition to the wonderful beaches with golden sand, crystal clear waters, and integrated facilities, there are places worth visiting in Sousse.

The Archaeological Museum of Sousse contains the largest collection of mosaics, the most important of which are the drawings and mosaics of Medusa's head, and the triumphal painting of Bacchus, which is the most beautiful in the museum.

As for the old city, it is the most beautiful embodiment of Arab and Islamic architecture, and it is noteworthy that it has remained almost unchanged throughout the past centuries, and attracts tourists thanks to its alleys and paved streets in addition to its two-kilometer wall.

The construction of a castle or ribat of Sousse dates back to the late eighth century AD, when it formed an impregnable fortress for the city from the side of the sea, and the castle consists of two floors with galleries and balconies overlooking a large square, and the Ribat of Sousse is located in the east of the city of Sousse on the Mediterranean coast and is one of a series of castles Extending along the coast.

One of the most important marinas in Tunisia is the Port of El Kantaoui, which is a famous tourist attraction located on the Mediterranean coast, which was inaugurated in 1979, and includes a range of boats and fishing boats and many recreational places such as parks, restaurants and cafes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

While the Sousse market provides visitors with full opportunities to enjoy buying souvenirs and unique handicrafts, so it is always full of tourists from all countries.

Zawyet Zakak is considered one of the city's landmarks and includes a beautiful 8-sided minaret dating back to the 17th century, which includes a mosque, a madrasa, and a mausoleum, and embodies Islamic architecture in its best form.

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