Encountered 60 thousand bees .. Watch the scenes of a photo session of Angelina Jolie

Encountered 60 thousand bees .. Watch the scenes of a photo session of Angelina Jolie

Dan Winters, a special photographer for National Geographic, revealed the scenes of the controversial photo session that American actress Angelina Jolie underwent, in which she was forced to stand steadfastly in the face of 60 thousand bees

The National Geographic site published a picture of American actress Angelina Jolie staring directly at the camera while the bees crawled on her body.

According to the art site, the photo was taken as part of Angelina Jolie's efforts in cooperation with UNESCO and the "Guerlain" group, the United Nations in the "Women for Bee" initiative, a program launched by UNESCO to train and support pioneer beekeepers around the world.

He said that the American actress stood steadily for 18 minutes against 60,000 bees, and was not wearing a bee condom or bathing because the bees attack the odors.

Dan added that when a bee crawled under her robe and was climbing up her body, it never retreated and it seemed as if it had done so all her life and I was the only one behind the camera who did not wear protective clothing in solidarity with the cause.

Angelina Jolie revealed that she did not shower for 3 full days before taking the picture so that the bees would recognize her from the smell of her body, and she added, “It was funny to be with the same hair and make-up and wipe yourself with pheromones, and I had to put some things in my nose and ears so that I did not give them many holes to climb.”

"I kept feeling bees on my knees and legs and when I got down all the other bees I lifted the skirt and went away," the Oscar-winning artist added.

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