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Bitcoin exceeds the $ 39,000 mark

Bitcoin exceeds the $ 39,000 mark

Bitcoin digital currency continued to rise and reaped gains during the beginning of trading today, to once again surpass the barrier of $ 39,000, coinciding with the announcement by Saxo Bank, one of the largest American banks, to provide a solution to enable investors in the Middle East to trade it, in addition to the unveiling of the formation of a council to mine this cryptocurrency. This will enhance its sustainability, despite the succession of official warnings about the risks of investing in it.

Bitcoin exceeds the $ 39,000 mark

The price of Bitcoin in early morning trade reached the level of $ 39.22 thousand, to be completed amid the trend of some investors of that cryptocurrency to form selective buying centers after its weekly losses increased to reach $ 2.5 billion, according to the data available on the Coin Market Cap website. .

The rise of Bitcoin today comes after the CEO of MicroStrategy, one of the latest major giant companies that entered the field of cryptocurrencies, announced a decision on forming a cryptocurrency mining board during a virtual meeting held in the presence of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

The rise of that cryptocurrency today also comes as some investors believe that the worst is over for those high-risk assets, which prompted them to buy them again despite the continuing negative signals and outflows from institutions, according to a recent research note by JPMorgan.

In a sign that the worst is not over for those currencies, Federal Reserve Chairman James Bullard in the US state of St. Louis warned in an interview with Yahoo Finance on Tuesday about the risks inherent in investing in cryptocurrencies.

During today's trading, on the level of other cryptocurrencies, the “Ethereum” currency rose by 8.85%, reaching the level of $ 2.8 thousand. The "Binance Coin" currency rose 4.2% to $ 357.04. While the "Cardano" currency continued to rise, recording an increase of 8.2%, reaching about $ 1.64.

While the currency "Dogecoin" rose by 2.7% to reach about $ 0.353, and the currency of "Blockadot" increased by 6.3%, reaching about $ 0.353.

In today's morning trading, the total market value of cryptocurrencies rose to about 1.7 trillion dollars compared to 1.55 trillion dollars 24 hours ago, up 9.7%, equivalent to 150 billion dollars.

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