All you need to know about yellow fungus ?

All you need to know about yellow fungus ?

Since India invaded the new strain of Corona virus, we have heard of dangerous consequences, the last of which is the emergence of the yellow fungus, which poses a great threat to humans, after the appearance of the black and white fungus that cause human destruction and death .. So what is the yellow fungus? What are the main symptoms?

All you need to know about yellow fungus ?

Officials in India announced the discovery of yellow fungus infections, which are not a new disease. Some doctors have warned that yellow fungus may pose more risks than black or white fungus infections because they affect the internal organs.

In this report, we present the most important information about the yellow fungus, according to "moneycontro".

Causes of yellow fungus:

Like most fungal infections, this also occurs mainly due to unsanitary conditions, such as poor hygiene, and food contamination, and the overuse of steroids and antibacterial drugs can cause illness as well.

Patients with comorbidities or who are taking immunosuppressants may be at increased risk of infection with yellow fungus.

Symptoms of yellow fungus:

It starts internally, causing pus to leak out, wounds heal slowly, resulting in organ failure and, sometimes, severe necrosis.

At the beginning of the infection, patients may experience lethargy as it spreads internally, affecting the organs and depleting people's energy so that patients may lose appetite or develop poor eating habits, which ultimately leads to an unusual weight loss along with poor metabolism.

In some cases, the yellow fungus affects the patient's eyes, and in this case the patient should pay attention to redness and sunken eyes and go to the doctor immediately.

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