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All you need to know about Robotaxi in china

All you need to know about Robotaxi in china 

Sunday, May 2, 2021 will mark a watershed day in the history of self-driving transport, when the streets of China will witness the first flights of a robot taxi.

All you need to know about Robotaxi in china

The historic move came at the hands of the Chinese company Baidu, which culminated in the great efforts that began in 2019, with the emergence of the Apollo autonomous robotic car.

The self-driving taxi will start its regular commercial flights tomorrow, Sunday, making this experience the first in the world.

Millions of people around the world are awaiting the success of the Chinese company, Baidu, in introducing the first self-driving taxi service.

The operation of Robotaxi marks a new stage in the commercialization of autonomous vehicles, and makes Baidu the first company in China to operate the Autonomous Robotaxi.

Customers can order the self-driving taxi in the "Shujang Park" area through a mobile application called "Baidu Apollo GO".

The most striking feature, Robotaxi is that it works without a driver, and it also uses the navigation features of VR for navigation.

And so that customers can find the self-driving taxi, it uses remote alerts to make it easier for passengers to find the car.

The new Baidu system is interested in providing the highest levels of safety, so before boarding, the passenger scans the QR code and registers a health code to prevent corona.

Safety factors do not stop there. As soon as the passenger ascends, the system checks that the seat belts are fastened and the doors are closed after the passenger clicks “Start”.

Robotaxi can be driven without human intervention, and only when the car is in trouble does it need the help of "5G Cloud Drivers".

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