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YouTube launches a long-awaited new feature - video quality

YouTube launches a long-awaited new feature - video quality

He launched the popular video site YouTube. A collection of long-awaited features on his app for iPhone and Android phones.

YouTube launches a long-awaited new feature - video quality

As it provided a number of options for the display quality when playing the videos, in order to save the Internet package and conserve the battery.

And now YouTube users on iPhones and Android phones can choose the appropriate quality of the video they watch according to the capabilities available to them.

And for YouTube users who want to provide their Internet package, the 480-pixel video display quality option should be activated.

You can go to the settings menu, then video quality preferences. You can also set default settings for both mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

YouTube has also made it possible for iPhones and Android phones to change the name of their YouTube channel without changing the Google account. This is in order to be better suited to the content they provide without difficult settings.

The change will help keep your YouTube channel name and content separate from Google services.

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