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Jordan bans flights from India

Jordan bans flights from India

On Sunday, the Minister of Transport, Wajiya Azayzeh, said that Jordan had decided to stop flights coming from India and those in it within 14 days.

Jordan bans flights from India

Azayze added, that the new measures come after the spread of the new Indian strain of Corona virus, in order to address it, and to prevent the transmission of infection to Jordan.

He pointed out that the decision came in light of the developments in the epidemiological situation in India, and the presence of reports of a new mutation in the Corona virus, which requires additional precautionary measures, with the aim of maintaining the stability of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom.

And Azayzeh indicated that any decision taken to prevent any negative repercussions on the epidemiological situation locally.

He explained that the continuation of the decision to stop flights with those coming from India and who are within 14 days depends on the information and study received from the National Epidemiology Committees.

Azayze said that work on health procedures and protocols at airports continues, and that a PCR examination must be brought before coming to Jordan.

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