How to prepare Mexican rice with chicken

How to prepare Mexican rice with chicken

Chef Osama El Sayed presented on his personal Facebook page; How to prepare Mexican rice with chicken.

How to prepare Mexican rice with chicken


Three cups of rice.

Ingredients for chicken mixture:

A teaspoon and a half of salt.

 Half a teaspoon of each: crushed chili, paprika and mixed pepper.

 ¼ teaspoon of black pepper.

 Eight pieces of chicken pin.

Rice mixture ingredients:

Four cups of chicken broth.

 A quarter cup of chopped parsley.

 Two tablespoons of tomato paste.

 Four large peeled tomatoes.

 A large sweet red pepper.

How to prepare:

Wash the rice several times, then soak it in water for thirty minutes.

Preparing the chicken mixture:

Put the chicken pieces in a large dish.

 Put all of: salt, pepper, spices, paprika and chili in a small dish, then distribute half of the spices on the chicken pieces and turn them well in order to cover them.

Put three tablespoons of oil and butter in a deep saucepan and put the pot on a medium temperature until the oil warms up well, then add the chicken pieces and turn the chicken pieces using food tongs until they become golden in color without the need to fully cook the chicken. Transfer the chicken pieces to a side dish.

Add all of: onions, garlic and green peppers to the same saucepan and stir the ingredients together until the garlic smell becomes stronger.

Return the chicken pieces on the pot and immerse them in water, then leave the chicken until it is completely cooked. Drain the chicken and keep the broth.

Preparing the rice mixture:

Put the rest of the oil in a deep saucepan, then add each of: pepper, tomato and tomato paste, stir the ingredients together on a high temperature until the tomatoes become soft, then add the remaining amount of spices.

Filter the rice, then add it to the tomato mixture in the saucepan and flip it gently until it mixes with the tomatoes and absorbs the pepper flavor.

Add four and a half cups of chicken stock and leave the rice on a high temperature until it starts to boil and absorbs most of the broth.

Spread the chicken pieces over the rice and cover the rice and leave it on a very low temperature and leave it to cook for thirty minutes until it becomes thick.

Pour the Mexican rice with chicken into a large serving dish, sprinkle parsley on top, then serve.

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