How to get a job .. How to write a CV correctly and professionally

How to get a job .. Beware of these fatal mistakes on your CV

Fresh graduates are always faced with the problem of writing a CV, and they ask about the best way to write it and highlight its advantages.

How to get a job .. Beware of these fatal mistakes on your CV

But actually anyone responsible for reviewing CVs does not read the CV in his hands as he reads books, he just passes his eye on it and searches for what interests him and draws his attention, so the CV must be well-read and organized.

In this article, we will review the most important tips that help you improve your CV:

1. How to write the name and e-mail.

Your name and e-mail is the first thing on the eye of anyone who reads your CV, so the name must be properly written, whether it is in Arabic or English.

2. Design.

A flashy resume is often the last of the reviews list. Nobody wants to lose focus while reviewing any resume, so you should keep it simple.

3. Formalities.

There are always those who say that the content is more important than the form, but no one will find two new, shiny, and the other old, dark boxes with dust on each side, and then you expect it to start with the latter.

4. Show the POIs and place them at the beginning.

Reduce the number of pages as much as possible, if your CV is more than 3 pages and whatever your experience at an early age there is definitely a lot of irrelevant fillers.

5. The content.

Arrange the content of your CV in line with the new work that you are applying for, if you have some experiences related to the new work and other experiences less related to it, present the work related and focus on it and make it clearer, remove from your thinking the issue of the unified template, but the form of the content according to the place you will send Have your resume.

6. Written errors.

Written errors, especially spelling, are truly meaningless mistakes, and their presence and repetition means that the owner of the file I have before me does not care even the simplest of the obvious things that can be dealt with with ease.

7. Additions are meaningless.

We always find additions that are meaningless and, if not harmful, they definitely affect the most important things, waste and confuse them.

8. Details always make a difference.

Small details here and there in your CV file may distinguish you from others if you have equal capabilities and experiences, the first impression of anything will last a long time, so the more accurate and elegant your CV is, the greater and stronger its impression on those who read it will involuntarily.

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